Our Story

We are driven by a labour of love and built on a long tradition and passion for delivering the most premium products and experiences.

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Merchants of Happiness

From the base of the majestic Macedon Ranges, to the iconic shorelines of Sorrento and Surfers Paradise, the Stringers Saba team are renowned for their passion and love of people, principles and planet. We come from the richest family without money - so we know the true source of happiness - and celebrate our community and hundreds of families who are the engine room of our organisation.

Our happy attitude drives us and our team culture - and that happiness you‘ll taste in everything we do from coffee to menu. We want to be one of the best, so your feedback we value dearly. You don’t need to be educated on the taste of the most premium, ethically sourced, delicately selected, passionately and freshly roasted specialty coffee. You be the judge. We hope you chose not to have a good day - but a sensational one!

Allocentric principles always before profits.

We’re part of the Hope & Tony Saba Family Foundation

A core part of our happiness is driven by our corporate objective - sharing a big portion of our profits to reward our team and create opportunities in society for those less fortunate. 

The Hope & Tony Saba Family Foundation, built on over 150 years of love, hard and smart work by the family and our team, has allocated millions for the needy. We proudly support some of our world leading hospitals such as Epworth and the Royal Womens and Children’s Hospital; charities such as FairShare, The Smith Family and Braveheart, producing over 1.5 million meals every year for the homeless; and other charities to prevent violence against women and children and provide vital support.

You are a critical part of our happy family journey, built on a fundamental love for community. That allows us to rise each day with the greatest sense of purpose and happiness. It’s never about any one, it’s always the collective that make great things happen.

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High scoring

Coffee beans are judged and rated on a global 100 point scoring system that assesses the key characteristics of the coffee such as the overall body, balance, uniformity, sweetness, clarity and acidity. Coffee beans that score above 80 points are classed as ‘specialty coffee.’ We love our high scoring, happy beans and we know you will you too!

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Ethically sourced

We have strong relationships with our green coffee buyers. As certified Q-Grader’s, they deal directly with the origin farmer to ensure the product meets specialty coffee standards so we can bring you the highest quality flavour. This also ensures the product is sustainably and ethically sourced at fair price resulting in happy outcomes for all.

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Happiness for generations

Our family corporate operation, driven by allocentric principles, has for decades produced happy products for our happy community. Our passion is to take this to new heights! We've been in the coffee roasting business for a while and pride ourselves on our values spreading happiness through what we give back to the community and our charity partners.


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