Delter Press & 250g Filter Beans Combo

Delter Press & 250g Filter Beans Combo

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Delter Coffee Press has been designed to solve one of the biggest problems in coffee brewing - agitation. To avoid a bitter and inconsistent extraction caused by uncontrolled agitation, the Delter Coffee Press uses a unique jet-seal. This seal keeps the brew water and the coffee grounds separated until the brew commences, preventing uncontrolled agitation. When pressure is applied to the plunger, water and coffee contact is activated, allowing agitation to occur for the first time. This design allows the user to have complete control over the water flow and agitation, resulting in a brew with less bitterness and more clarity.


- Jet Seal: Unique seal that prevents any unwanted agitation of the coffee bed during brewing.
- Injection Brewing: The water and coffee are separate until you're ready to start brewing using injection brewing. 
- Simple to Clean: All you need is a few minutes to wash with water
- Portable: Weighing less than 250g, the Delter is ideal for camping, plane, travel, office or home. 
- Pocketable Design: Compact and portable for coffee anywhere

To Brew:

To brew with the Delter Coffee Press, you need freshly roasted ground coffee and  water just off the boil

1. Place a filter in the Delter cap and rinse with water and discard.
2. Add freshly ground coffee into the Delter coffee chamber (max. capacity 30g).
3. Twist on the Delter cap. 
4. Flip the Delter over onto your cup and start pouring your hot water into the brew chamber, filling to the line markings.
5. Raise the plunger to dose the exact amount of water required for your brew.
6. Push down on the plunger to activate water and coffee contact.
7. Raise the plunger again to redose or refill the brew chamber for larger, double-batch servings. 
8. Enjoy!


Capacity: 400ml
Materials: BPA-free plastic
Weight: <250g


- 1 x Delter Coffee Press
- 100 x Paper Filters
- Dosing Cap

-250g Filter beans


Fully washed coffee varietals of Bourbon, Catuai, Typica and Pache combine to ensure this filter roast gives you everything you are looking for when something light and refreshing is your desire.  Clean, bright sweetness of stone fruit, lemon, brown sugar and honey will dare you not to drink it all day long!


Stone Fruit



Brown Sugar




Coffee beans are judged and rated on a global 100 point scoring system that assesses the key characteristics of the coffee such as the overall body, balance, uniformity, sweetness, clarity & acidity. Coffee beans that score above 80 points are classed as ‘specialty coffee.’

We love our high scoring, happy beans and we know you will you too! 


Guatemala | Ayarza Region  |  Fully washed process



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